My point of view

Win First and Then Fight

Definition: The term “win” means wining in strategy and preparation. In the process of brand positioning, we should seize the initiative and capture the most favorable opportunity and conditions of the market.

The term “fight” means making a strategic arrangement and taking moves. In the course of brand communication, we should focus on the most direct and effective audience groups in the market.

How Can We Seize the Initiative for A Brand?

“Three-Step” Brand Strategy


Grasp the laws of the market and make a scientific market forecast

Research on relevant markets based on the brand attributes

Analysis of the marketing environment based on the brand

Diagnosis of market trends based on the brand development


Discover market opportunities and pinpoint the brand positioning

Positioning of brand structure

Positioning of brand strategy

Positioning of the brand’s visual image

Positioning of the brand’s language image

Positioning of the brand’s marketing communication


Deeply exploit market channels and precisely spread the brand

Choose carriers for spreading based on the brand positioning

Choose the proper time for spreading based on the stage of brand development

Choose an excuse for spreading based on the brand’s market image

Identify a Potential Market and Lever the Market

Any brand can take one step ahead in a market war by applying strategic positioning. If you don’t understand or use this principle, undoubtedly, you will leave the opportunity to you competitors.